Vote "YES" on Proposition Y

Keep Your Rates From Skyrocketing 134%!

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, St. Louis City and County voters will be asked to approve $900 million in sewer revenue bonds for wastewater infrastructure improvements over the next four years.

The wastewater rate proposal seeks to fund a four-year, $1.5 billion capital improvement program to meet regulatory and system improvement needs.

  • Eliminate sanitary (wastewater) sewer overflows from sewer pipes
  • Reduce combined sewer overflows (where wastewater and stormwater share a pipe)
  • Prevent building backups
  • Repair and rehabilitate an aging system
  • Increase wastewater treatment plant capacity


MSD is under an April 2012 federal court order that calls for MSD to spend an estimated $4.7 billion over the next 23 years to address wastewater needs in our community. 

St. Louis took the first step in June 2012, when voters approved $945 million in bonds for MSD. All wastewater sewer improvement projects, funded by this bond issue, were completed on time and under budget.

Last year, the Rate Commission recommended that MSD seek voter authorization of an additional $900 million in bonds to fund another four-year capital program, to make needed rate increases more manageable.

If voters do not approve Proposition Y, the Rate Commission authorized cash financing of the capital program. MSD can fund the projects with cash, which would require a 134% heavily front-loaded rate increase. Or MSD could fund the projects with cash and bonds, which would gradually increase rates only 48% over four years.

Based on average monthly water usage of a single-family residence, a ratepayer’s monthly wastewater sewer bill would resemble the following rates, shown here with and without bond approval.

Keep Rates From Skyrocketing 134%!


MSD by the Numbers



    24 Miles of Storage & Conveyance Tunnels Designed


    39 Sanitary Sewer Overflows Removed


    226 Wastewater Construction Projects


    360 Miles of Sewer Rehabilitation


    598 Wastewater Planning, Design, & Construction Projects


    1,600 Miles of Sewer Inspected With CCTV


    6,000 Manhole Rehabilitations


    3,814 Miles of Sewer Cleaned

What is Wastewater Service?

Wastewater management involves the collection and treatment of “used” water from sinks, toilets, and floor drains at one of seven treatment plants, where it is treated to high standards before returning to our region’s waterways.

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Voting "YES" Makes a Difference



  – Data Points Presented in Dollars ($)

“YES” PROP Y Bond Financing

2016 $40.72 13.1%
2017 $44.59 9.5%
2018 $49.31 10.6%
2019 $54.63 10.8%
2020 $60.44 10.6%


“NO” PROP Y Bond Financing

2016 $40.72 13.1%
2017 $44.59 9.5%
2018 $73.16 64.1%
2019 $82.71 13.1%
2020 $95.13 15.0%